Hi there. If you'd like to send submissions, please note the focus on this blog is on interiors, styling, antiques & vintage and restoration projects. 

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  1. Hi Louisa, this site is gorgeous - love your interior design. Yesterday I had lunch with Sally B - who led me here - thanks Sally! Are you doing any paint workshops in Putney in Feb? I have a houseful of sad furniture which could really benefit from your inspiration. Best wishes, Adrienne

  2. Hi
    Ive discovered your blog today - wow, very inspiring! I'm currently doing a self build project near Stratford Upon Avon in the UK themaplebarncompany.blogspot if you'd like a peruse?
    Its currently all about the build etc but will eventually become a textiles & design web site. design and print fabrics, make bags and cushions etc.
    I'll be back to look at your blog soon!
    Kind regards
    Wendi x


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