Blog FAQ

Hi there, thank you for your interest in the West Egg blog. I've put together this FAQ to deal with the most common questions I get emailed about.

I want to come to one of your workshops, where can I book?

I will only be teaching the occasional workshop on an ad-hoc basis. Please email me at and I will let you know of any upcoming dates.

Do you offer sponsored blog posts? 

Yes, please email me at if you would like to discuss a sponsored blog post. I will consider requests that are interiors-related and relevant to this blog. I am the sole contributor and editor of this blog, so all posts are written by me, and from my point of view. I love to work with companies and brands who share a similar philosophy to West Egg, or whose products and services I genuinely like and use already, or want to use in the future.

I like to write about topics that I am interested in, and that I think my readers will like. All sponsored blog posts will clearly be marked as such, for an example, please see the BlogTourNYC posts which are categorised accordingly. 

Can I send you a product or book to review?

Yes of course, although please email me at first as I will only review products and books that I think readers will be interested to see and hear about. Please do not send products or books for review without confirming via email first. I cannot guarantee the product or book will be featured if you don't get in touch first to confirm.

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