Saturday, 22 April 2017

Making Pici Pasta

While I was in Tuscany last year and staying at the beautiful Borgo Sant' Ambrogio estate, we learnt to make pici pasta.

Pici is a hand rolled pasta and similar to fat spaghetti and originates from the Siena province of Tuscany. It's typically made using just flour and water although there is no hard and fast rule - some add a little egg or olive oil to help with the elasticity of the dough - you can blaze your own trail with this.

If you fancy making pici pasta yourself, this recipe from the Telegraph looks good and so does this Jamie Oliver spinach pici recipe here.

Essentially, you make the pici dough which is then rolled out in a thick flat sheet and then cut into strips. To roll the pasta you start in the centre of the strip and using both hands roll the strip between your palms moving away from the centre to either end. The end result is a sort of fat spaghetti that has a really rustic homemade feel to it.

Once the pasta was made away in the shade from the Tuscan sun, it was prepared the traditional way - Pici cacio e pepe which is pici with parmesan, black pepper and golden garlic. Simple and delicious.

I made this pici pasta pictured above with fresh pesto, parmesan and basil when I got back to England. Full disclaimer - I didn't make this pasta - I bought it in a deli before we left Italy! The dried pici pasta is much more uniform I think than the properly fresh homemade kind but it worked really well and was absolutely delicious. For pici pasta in London, head to Padella Pasta - their pici is the best in town!

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