Sunday, 30 April 2017

Decorating with blue and white porcelain

I always think the best interior design projects layer texture, colour and natural materials in a way that has a look and feel that is as timeless as it is effortless. That said there is always something that gives certain projects an extra wow factor - not in a shouty way, but in a really understated, relaxed way. It's hard to put your finger on it because you only know it when you see it, but one of the tricks I love to use for an instant chic finish is to include some blue and white porcelain. There is nothing more timeless, nor quintessentially English, that blue and white pottery.

I absolutely love this shot of the beautiful home belonging to Paris Alma - follow her on instagram for some serious interiors envy.

For me, this Coopers Beach project by Carrier & Company is just perfect.

The perfect spot for tea in the window seat and although this dining table doesn't have any blue and white porcelain I do love the zinc table top a lot.

Another perfect project from Carrier & Company - this time the Forge River project. I've blogged about how much I adore Carrier & Company before so I won't go on too much - needless to say though I think this room has absolutely nailed the perfect balance of texture, materials and colour.

Burleigh pottery is one of my favourites - I own several different bits of tableware in the blue arden and blue calico - the designs are beautiful but also the quality is incredible. Apparently it takes 25 pairs of hands to create a single piece of Burleigh pottery, and each pot is meticulously hand-finished.

Also love Italian Spode. My mum actually just gave me some lovely plates which I've been using lately...

Perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner...

Here's a little glimpse into our Nickleby kitchen at the Humphrey Munson showroom in Felsted, Essex which has three large white and blue Chinese porcelain vases on the window sill. I love the balance of colours in this kitchen and the painted cabinetry looks so good against the Babington limestone floor tiles.

And last but not least, my friend Geraldine's lovely photograph of Purley Hall in Pangbourne which I spotted on her instagram (if you don't follow her you definitely should!)

I love the cluster of blue and white plates - it's such a striking way to display the collection. 

Have a great weekend all! x

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