Sunday, 29 May 2016

Hancock Park by Studio William Hefner

I don't remember when I first saw it, but I have loved this image of this kitchen / dining area for the longest time. Architecturally and aesthetically it's stunning, but I also really appreciate the composition of this image - to me it's perfectly framed and totally captures the look and feel of the space.

Black frame windows always do it for me because of the way they make the outdoors look like framed pictures and from a styling point of view, opening a door is a great way to convey a level of movement or activity in a super low key way.

I love the seating beside the floor to (almost) ceiling windows - simple but expertly crafted and perfect for this super chic kitchen diner. I think upholstered bench seating designed in this way is perfect for kitchen spaces - it feels more cosy than separate chairs - same reason I love restaurants with booths.

I also love the different textures in the space - lots of natural materials thanks to the dark hardwood flooring and the corner of island unit, but also the marble counter top. While I would personally never have marble in a kitchen - I love this look and it works so well in this space. The overall look and feel of the space is clean, elegant and welcoming. Exactly my cup of tea.

Anyway - back in the room - bottom line is I've seen it on Pinterest so many times and tried to find the source on several occasions but never managed to track it down. So I stopped looking a while ago and yesterday it dropped straight into my lap.

The source is Studio William Hefner and if you're into design you're going to want to visit this website pronto.

For me this is classic American interior design at it's absolute finest. This project is called Hancock Park and is the home of William Hefner and Kazuko Hoshino. Together they design some of the most most spectacularly brilliant homes in and around Los Angeles (he's the principal at Studio William Hefner and she heads the firm's interior design department).

For this 3,800-square-foot house that would become their home, the couple deliberately decided to disregard the resale value and instead embrace everything they loved.

"We didn't want the house to feel too large. The whole idea was not to fill up the lot with house, but to create a living space that takes advantage of the outdoors." To that end, Hefner oriented the rear of the house to the outdoors; French doors open onto a landscaped garden and pool area, with a small poolhouse serving as guest quarters.

I love the low-key relaxed vibe of this sitting room, it's absolutely everything I love about design.

Love maps, love navy, love stripes and love that little reading light. A perfect nook for an afternoon with a pot of tea and a really good book.

To see more of this amazing project, go to Studio William Hefner.

Image credit: Studio William Hefner 


  1. I love the look and feel of this home. It is rare to find somewhere that is so stylish and yet so comfortable also. Makes me want to be there. Gives me itchy feet to move. Love it and love your commentary also. Thank you xx

  2. This is how a studio should look, so many wonderful details and done so tastefully.