Monday, 28 March 2016

Salt House Mercantile, Bainbridge Island

This Easter weekend I've been spending time with my family at home in Leicestershire which has been so peaceful and I feel so well rested. As the Easter weekend comes to an end, I'm also super excited because I just booked a ticket for later this Spring to my other home from home - Seattle. I can't wait to go back and see our family and friends who live in Seattle and on Bainbridge Island - it's such a special place. Personally I love the US - it's such a positive place and I love the 'I can, I will' attitude.

When we were talking last night about the stores we love on Bainbridge, I remembered I still had a memory card full of photos of my last trip. In March. Last year.

I must admit, since working at Humphrey Munson I have been so hit and miss with this blog. I love this west egg blog, and I love writing, but it's hard to fit it all in and I never want to feel like I have to write it because I think that takes all the fun out of it. So today, I find myself with a spare hour before we brave the storm to walk the dogs and I've got some tea, and I'm going to take you on a mini tour of one of my favourite stores on Bainbridge Island - the Salt House Mercantile.

Located at 119 Winslow Way East on Bainbridge Island, when you walk in the door at the Salt House Mercantile it has the perfect summer vibe - clad in extra wide painted shiplap panels that suit the space perfectly, the interior design is simple, rustic and welcoming.

The window has an ever changing display of beautiful furniture and home accessories - this is the place to come to source gifts for any occasion.

I love this vintage sign which the owner sourced on a road trip - sadly it's not for sale.

I bought 6 of these soaps home to England on my last visit and when I opened up the bag the aroma was just incredible.

Fabric from Komedal Cloth (previously Bainbridge Blues) a natural fibre textile line designed on Bainbridge Island and woven in Italy.

As well as homewares and accessories, the Salt House Mercantile also stocks an amazing range of weird and wonderful ingredients and condiments - I so wish I could have brought more home with me. 

Curating homewares and accessories for a store is actually a lot harder than I think people realise, it takes such a lot of vision and perseverance to get out there and source really beautiful and fantastic products and then combine them in a way that reflects the store's brand.

Stores like the Salt House Mercantile have such a distinctive knack of combining really lovely products - I am such a sucker for packaging, I love typography and design and I would definitely buy a hand soap just because I love the label. I'm okay if that means I'm shallow.

As I'm sure everyone does, I love to have beautiful things in my home and I can't wait to go back to Bainbridge Island and stock up. I just spotted on instagram they are now stocking my favourite Bellocq tea so I will definitely be bringing some of that home.

Visit the Salt House Mercantile at 119 Winslow Way E, Bainbridge Island, Washington, follow then on instagram here or visit their facebook page for opening times, additional info. 

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  1. The salt house mercantile looks to be brimming with a variety of stuff. I'll try to schedule a visit here sometime soon.