Sunday, 6 September 2015

5 Amazing Room Designs by Carrier & Company

I have been a huge fan of the interior design practice Carrier & Company for many years. Based in NYC and founded by husband and wife team Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller; for me, their work is perfection.

The way they seamlessly blend antique and vintage pieces with contemporary design is nothing short of spectacular. I love that they work with the client's existing collections, artwork, hand-me-downs, heirlooms and incorporate it all into the interior design which creates truly personal, timeless and comfortable homes.

Their first book Positively Chic Interiors is out for pre-order now so I thought now was as good a time as any to share my favourite room designs.

What's not to love?! I love the sisal rug, the rustic metal frame table, the simple linen upholstery, the furniture, the panelling, but most of all I love the bright and bold artwork above the mantle which just elevates this room into something a lot more interesting. I've seen a lot of sitting rooms over the last few years but I adore this one.

We have a barn behind our house which at some point will be developed and added onto the house. This would be the perfect barn conversion bedroom. I love horses so the artwork here really appeals and the fabric on the bedspread and pillows mixed with the rug and curtains reminds me of a Kit Kemp-esque look. To me this room looks so comfortable and inviting. It goes without saying that the wood panelling is spot on.

I love the kitchen designs by Carrier & Company. This one in the Dove Meadow project is simple, but beautifully designed. I can literally imagine walking into this kitchen barefoot in the morning and putting the kettle on to make coffee. I'm not sure what wood the back door is made of but I think it works perfectly, and together with the classic american hardwood floor, brings a softness and warmth to the space.

The only Carrier & Company project I've ever stepped foot in - the Printing House in the West Village in NYC. I could have stayed there all day spending ages in each room studying all the finer details that make the project so individual, timeless and interesting. I think interiors should be at least a little bit interesting. I love to collect bits and pieces on travels to different places. Last weekend I was in Scotland and stopped by a little antiques shop in Aboyne where I bought a really stunning 19th century Chinese bowl. I'm not sure where to put it yet, but I absolutely love it and although it's not got anything to do with Scotland I will always think of a lovely weekend in Aberdeenshire when I see it.

I always think bathrooms are difficult to design but Jesse and Mara make it look completely effortless. I've always had a thing for freestanding bath tubs by companies like Victoria + Albert  so these two bathrooms in this stunning home in Southampton, New York are really my cup of tea. 

I hope you liked this round of up of my favourite rooms, suffice to say there are dozens more that are absolutely stunning - take a look here

Image credits: Carrier & Company 


  1. Lovely post! Love the dark bathroom, the mirror is gorgeous.

  2. These bathroom are really well decorated !