Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The wonderful world of Mari Orr

I discovered the wonderful world of Mari Orr through the instagram rabbit warren and I'm so happy I did. Mari is a super talented artist whose current work includes watercolours, oil paintings, weavings and calligraphy. As well as being super talented, Mari is also super generous and regularly gives away free downloads of her work as well as donating a portion of her profits from the Kind Notes to the National Alliance to End Homelessness or The Fund for Global Human Rights.

This print is actually a free download from the website, so you can print it off and use at home. It's the perfect motto for the year ahead, don't you think? I can apply this motto to pretty much every aspect of my life right now!

Take a look at Mari's blog too - it's so inspiring and I particularly loved this recent post about tiny kind notes. Such a great idea - I'd be thrilled to find one of these cards as I went about my daily life. 

Do visit Mari's website to see more of her amazing work. 

Image credits: Mari Orr

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  1. Hi Louisa, thank you so much for featuring me and for all the kind things you said about me! You've made my day! <3