Monday, 19 January 2015

Roly by AABE - A Perfect Glass Box Extension in Belgium

Over the weekend I spotted the most wonderful glass box extension on Pinterest. It was actually one of the "picked for you" pins which is the new-ish smart feed feature on Pinterest - I think it started some time mid-2014. At first I was really skeptical about this new smart feed because I felt it was going to go the same way as facebook, but actually, I really like it. I've seen a lot of pins I wouldn't have otherwise and this extension project is one of them.

So anyway I thought I'd share these stunning images today since it is so chilly here. Lots of the UK has snow, particularly Scotland and I know it's a pain for things like travel, but it does make everything so extraordinarily beautiful. Currently we only have some frost in Bedfordshire, and the lane was very icy this morning. But no snow, yet. I'm sitting upstairs in the barn writing this which is lovely and cosy (downstairs is really not). I have a White Company winter candle burning and the Amelie soundtrack playing which I haven't listened to in ages. So it's really lovely here, but no snow. So, I sort of wish I could shut my eyes and open them to find myself here...

This is the Roly project by Atelier d'Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners, or AABE, who are based in Belgium but undertake architectural projects all over the world. The brick building is actually an outbuilding that has been extended and made into a perfect home for a bed and breakfast. The sitting room is made solely of glass and opens out in the surrounding garden. I really love the way the original building has been left alone and the glass box delicately ajoins it. The snow really gives these images a magical feeling and are all by Jean-Luc Laloux who specialises in architectural photography. Take a look at his other work here to be truly inspired.

So this is my snow fix today sorted. Hopefully we'll have some of the real white stuff to enjoy soon.

Images credit: Roly by AABE | Image Credit: Jean-Luc Laloux


  1. Lovely! Love the old and new together! Wonder what it would be like in the height of summer? Too hot?