Friday, 23 January 2015

A cosy corner in West Egg Cottage

This last week it's been pretty chilly here but we're very lucky to have a lovely log burner fitted in the inglenook. It was fitted last year and I must admit I was really taken aback by how different the house feels when it's lit. The heat is more subtle than heat from the radiators, it's less drying and seems to warm through the walls keeping the house warmer for longer. The old part of the cottage is a two up two down affair with the inglenook in the middle so when the log burner is going it's absolutely wonderful and feels like the little old cottage has really come to life.

I was just about to light it this afternoon but instead I grabbed my camera because I wanted to get some photos of my new Murphy McCall cushion that arrived this week. I had spotted it originally on the homepage of the website but it had sold out - no problem, they made me one bespoke!

A few weeks before Christmas we have also moved the sofas around due a red wine fiasco on the natural jute carpet. Although it pains me greatly to admit it, moving the sofas around actually opened the room up a little, and we now have more space and moved the Marlow chair to beside the inglenook. Hey presto, a cosy corner by the fire was created.

The cushion is made from napa lambs leather which I've never heard of before but it's so soft. The back is linen and has a wide exposed zip down the middle which is really cool. I love the mottled / dappled effect on the leather - it's a real one off.

I'm absolutely thrilled with it and it looks perfect on the Marlow chair from Swoon Editions. I was actually lucky enough to win a £200 gift voucher for Swoon Editions after winning their blogger styling competition last year with this blog post. Each blogger had to style the chair in their home and then photograph it and share it online. I was absolutely amazed to win especially because the other bloggers had such lovely styled shots.

Thank you so much to Swoon Editions for asking to take part and then sending me the vouchers. That was amazing! Of course, I didn't waste any time in spending them and as soon as I spotted the Marlow chair I knew it would be perfect for our sitting room. I'm a big fan of Victorian furniture and I love that this is based on a library barrel-back chair from that era. It's made from solid oak and has a grey oak finish and the seat is covered with a textured oatmeal linen fabric.

Unfortunately I think these are all sold out now, but you can still get the Milly chair - take a look here to see the full range.

I hope you like this little corner of the cottage. If you have any suggestions for how to style the inglenook mantle - it's very limited height-wise - it's very tricky to get right! Maybe an elaborate and extensive mug collection inspired by my good friend Geraldine who writes the Little Big Bell blog.

And one last thing, in this last photograph you might be able to spot my Dash + Albert rug I lugged back from Los Angeles a few years ago. I just spotted the other day that Amara are now selling Dash + Albert rugs - in all the sizes! Previously there was only a company in Germany that would ship to the UK which was really expensive so I'm really happy that Amara are now stocking them. A great and exciting moment - especially for the red wine fiasco area of the living room.

Have a great weekend all!

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