Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Villa Kalos || The Perfect Greek Hideaway

I stumbled upon the most incredible villa when I was looking at Pinterest two night ago. Sometimes with Pinterest I end up scanning really quickly lots of images, and then occasionally one makes me stop and I have to find out what / where it is. Villa Kalos definitely had that effect on me.

Gerda Genis, one of South Africa's leading fashion photographers together with Robbert Koene, a food and lifestyle photographer originally from Holland, have transformed an abandoned old ruin into a beautiful, luxurious villa retreat on the island of Ithaka in Greece. Gerda and Robbert saw a potential in the project that they have turned into a reality - isn't it stunning? 

Set in around 6000 square metres of terraced property, the villa overlooks the rolling country side of Lahos and offers stunning views from all sides. The stunning salt-water pool offers the perfect spot to relax and soak up the amazing scenery surrounding the villa. 

Inside the villa is just as beautiful and serene as outside. With the highest quality natural materials of stone, concrete and wood, the interior design of the villa embraces a subtle harmony of peace and luxury. 

Yep I'm totally in love - this place ticks all the boxes for me, does it tick yours too? 

Monday, 19 May 2014

What I've been up to the last few weeks

Hello there, it's been well over 2 weeks since I last wrote on the blog and you've probably guessed already things have been a little busy here. I thought I'd use my instagram photos to give you a super quick catch up on  what's been happening the last few weeks.

A few weekends ago I re-painted the front of the barn with the leftover bitumen from two years ago. I am planning to re-paint it using Farrow & Ball paint (Off-Black) with the door and side door a different colour (more on that another time). It was really looking shabby in places so I thought I'd use up what we had leftover in the meantime.

This is Alfie pug with his sad face on. He had an ear infection. All better now thanks to our lovely vets.

The beginning of an upside down rhubarb cake. We're lucky enough to find bundles of rhubarb on our doorstop from our neighbours who have tons. They just appear on an almost weekly basis which I really love.

I had lots of cheese in the fridge one Sunday afternoon so I made these cheese sables in the shapes of stars and put them in the freezer.

Some lilacs from the garden in our dining room. They smelt amazing.

My favourite Blue Arden tea pot on a rainy day earlier in the month. I broke the spout a few weeks ago and super-glued it back together. I'm pleased to say it was a success and still pours properly. I hate breaking things, that sinking feeling where you just want to go back in time 30 seconds and not drop it, spin it, knock it etc.

A very typical walk around the fields with the dogs. This in the view of Blunham from the side of the rape seed oil field. Big old clouds.

This is Milly, definitely the cutest visitor we've had to the studio in some time.

These are the cedar trees from Lebanon planted in 1836 at Salisbury Cathedral. We went to a wedding at the cathedral not last weekend but the one before and had an hour to look around before it started. We saw one of four copies of the Magna Carta which was pretty amazing especially considering it will be 800 years old next year.

The pink peonies up on The Hill in Blunham village.

At least I think they are peonies? They look like them...

We had my 4 year old nephew to stay for a few days which was fun and warranted a more interesting approach to breakfast.

A new book to read that has some brilliant advice and stunning photographs. The strawberries are from Lutton Farm nr Peterborough, if you're local you must must must try them at least once.

This is the fabric that was found under the green/pink fabric at an upholstery workshop I taught in London at The Decor Cafe last week. It was a beautiful sunny day and a really enjoyable workshop with fun and inspiring people.

And now we're pretty much up to date. Last week was pretty full on with lots of late nights and early starts so this weekend we saw friends and family and caught up on sleep which was just lovely.