Thursday, 2 October 2014

Paint Like A Pro Workshop || Bainbridge Island, W.A

Wowwwwwwwwww where did September go? I have so much to share on this blog about my recent travels in the US, Spain and also some new things happening at West Egg in little old Blunham. First I want to share some of the lovely photos from the Paint Like A Pro workshop I taught at the newly opened Komedal Road studio on Bainbridge Island.

I was so touched by all the trouble and effort Liz had gone to with the new studio, ensuring it looked absolutely amazing for the workshops. Over the last few years since I started West Egg I've been really lucky to have some incredibly inspiring experiences. The highlights have been spending the weekend in Hannover for the BYW Studio workshop at Holly's beautiful apartment, going on BlogTourNYC with the most wonderful group of bloggers and now another highlight is spending the week working with Liz and teaching at her studio. Not only have I been able to spend time with amazing inspiring people, but also travelling is something that inspires me so much. I get so many ideas when I step away from my usual spaces - I am sure lots of you may find this too. I have lots of new perspectives of how to do things and a great project I have been holding off on doing because I didn't feel ready (okay I was scared) - well, now I feel able to just go for it and embrace it totally. I feel very grateful to have the opportunity to travel for work, something I certainly never thought would happen when I left the hedge fund world back in 2010.

So, you may not know this - I can't remember if I blogged about how Liz and I met - but we actually met through blogging back in 2011 not long after I set up West Egg. Since then we have kept in touch, we skype and email and even though occasionally a period of months will appear between being in touch, we keep up with each other on social media. We just get on really well, it's so simple actually. It's a bit like with my lovely group of school friends, we may go weeks and months occasionally without seeing each other, but when we are together it's like no time has passed and there is just the pure enjoyment of each other's company.  What's so funny about this is that Liz and I never met once until this year and when we met for the first time in real life because we knew each other so well, it was nothing and everything at the same time. We had such a brilliant week catching up and hanging out, Liz took me to all her favourite spots in Seattle and on Bainbridge Island - more on that in another blog post. Take a look at the lovely Komedal Road blog too for some of Liz's beautiful photography. The photograph below of me demonstrating some basic upholstery techniques was taken by Liz. She has such a distinctive photography style that I just adore.

Anyway, so the first workshop I taught was the two day weekend course Paint Like A Pro. This is the workshop that covers furniture painting, furniture restoration, upholstery and decorative techniques.

I organised for all the paints and waxes from my favourite paint brand Autentico to be shipped from the only US stockist in Texas (Maison Blanche Paint Company) up to Seattle. Thank you so much Annie and Mindy for ensuring the ordering and delivery went so smoothly.

It was a great two day watching so many pieces of furniture come back to life using different sympathetic furniture restoration techniques, using paints and waxes and re-upholstering pieces. Below are some of the before photographs ...

And now some of the after photographs ...

This is a wonderful vintage pill maker from a pharmacy store. It was gently restored using sympathetic restoration techniques. 

Really loved the way this grey stool turned out. I didn't manage to get a before photo - sorry! 

No before photo of this folding table either but I do have an upholstered stool before + after ...

Komedal Road have asked me to go back in March 2015 to teach workshops again at the studio - of course I said yes! The Paint Like A Pro weekend course will be March 7-8th, 2015 - all details on the website here. Spaces are limited to 6 people to please book early to avoid disappointment if you'd like to come along.

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