Saturday, 4 October 2014

Defining Your Signature Style through Photography and Moodboarding || A new workshop by Emily Quinton & Gudy Herder

Morning! I'm up bright and early because some of our very close friends are getting married today and I am really excited. I am wide awake and it's still a little early. Rather than play endless games of 2048 on my iphone until I get numb thumbs, I thought I would get up and blog about a workshop that is coming up in November.

It's being taught by my two very good friends, professional photographer Emily Quinton, and globe-trotting interior stylist and trend expert Gudy Herder. I met both of these exceptionally talented people through, guess what, blogging. My favourite thing about blogging for my business West Egg is the amazing people I am so lucky to meet and now, also call some of my closest friends. Lots of the bloggers I know I would call the true creatives, Gudy and Emily are in that special category. I am in a category where I come from a different background of law and my brain is wired differently. I love to be creative but it does not come easily to me. With Emily and Gudy, their creativity is instinctive and they both capture the essential x factor that makes them so unique. Not only do they know how to capture it, they know how to communicate it through their brands, blogs and other projects they work on. These two are the real deal so if you want to define your signature style and figure out how you apply that in an authentic, meaningful and natural way - scroll down for more details about the workshop.

Defining Your Signature Style || Photography and Moodboarding 

Shoreditch, London | November 8-9, 2014

On the weekend of 8-9 November 2014, professional interiors photographer, Emily Quinton, and interiors stylist and trend expert, Gudy Herder will be teaching the ‘Defining Your Signature Style through Photography and Moodboarding Workshop’ for the very first time together in London.

Emily and Gudy, who met through blogging have teamed up to offer this unique workshop in Shoreditch, London. This inspiring workshop covers a huge amount of material, practical advice and allows you the creative space to find your own distinctive style.

By the end of the weekend you'll be able to compose beautiful photographs on both your camera phone and dSLR using all the inside tips and advice by professional photographer Emily, including shooting in Aperture Priority mode to really capture the images you want to create.

Interior stylist and trend expert, Gudy will teach you how to define your signature style that can then be applied to your brand, blog or personal project through an inspiration board you will take home with you. If your project, whether that’s a brand or blog, lacks focus or unity, or if you just want to gather some new skills to use on projects in your home , this workshop will give you the confidence, inspiration and motivation to translate your ideas into a consistent, articulate and bespoke style.

For maximum creative input, Gudy, Emily and all participants will build a giant moodboard which will pull all their current inspirations and everyone’s ideas together in a coherent and inspiring way. Connecting with others is a huge part of this weekend workshop and this exercise gives everyone the opportunity to work together creatively in a way they may not have done before.

Absolutely no experience is required, this workshop is suitable for any bloggers, business owners, project managers or those working on personal projects. It makes sense to have a project in mind to apply your newly defined style to, but you can be right at the very beginning of the road, at a crossroads, or some way down the line.

Ideally, you will bring with you a camera phone and dSLR or compact camera. And for the moodboarding you will need images and materials which define you and your project best. There will also be plenty of materials for you to work with during the workshop too and beautiful props for you to photograph.

The cost of this workshop is £275 per person and includes the following:

• all materials for the weekend, including props for the photography lessons and material for moodboarding;

• a full set of notes for each part of the course with a breakdown of instructions for each process: and

• lunch, coffee break, all refreshments.

Below is an outline of what topics are covered:


• how to shoot well in natural light

• composition and styling your images

• getting the best from your camera phone and visual social media

• shooting in Aperture Priority


• exposure compensation

• editing on your phone and computer

• practical sessions to use these skills to create images with different looks and styles.


• why and when to use a moodboard

• advantages of tactile moodboarding

• how to structure a moodboard, define key words and emotions

• 10 creative techniques for moodboarding

• Gudy’s live moodboarding exercise

• how to place images and materials in a balanced way

• set up of a giant moodboard with all participants.

This two day workshop will take place a stunning Shoreditch studio overlooking the City. The booking for this workshop closes on November 2nd and spaces are extremely limited to ensure all students receive plenty of attention and get the very best from the two days. To book your place please book online here.

Images supplied by Emily Quinton and Gudy Herder


  1. This is such a lovely post, Louisa. Thank you so much! It's been interesting to ready that creativity does not come easily to you and judging your images and work, I'd say that is not quite right. If not, how could you impart all these creative classes and create wonderful furniture? OI mean how do you define 'being creative' if not by using your hands and create something beautiful? Well, that could be a long discussion. Thank you so much, my friend for the lovely shout out here!

    1. I think I mean that it feels like it does not come naturally to me, like everything has to be just so, I like being practical and getting things done. Creativity for me is not a easy space to be in - way out of my comfort zone I guess! x