Thursday, 4 September 2014

Hello from Seattle!

Hello from Seattle! I arrived yesterday evening after a long day of travelling and stayed the first night in West Seattle at my cousin's home. They have a wonderful view across Puget Sound and I managed to snap a few lovely photographs before going to bed.

Luckily I was able to sleep right through to 5:30am which with my track record of waking up at 4am I was pretty pleased with that effort. This morning I left early to catch the water taxi over to Seattle to then get the ferry to Bainbridge Island. What an absolutely amazing way to get to work! I guess when it's grey and rainy it's not quite so lovely, but this morning it was bright and misty and a slight September to chill in the air to put some colour on your cheeks.

Loved all the little mussels clinging on to the pier supports. The people who get that water taxi every morning must just sit there and think gosh I am so lucky, the views are just so stunning.

And then once we arrived in Seattle, I made my way to get the ferry over to Bainbridge Island. What looked liked 1000s of commuters descended from the ferry and there were about 10 of us heading the opposite direction.

And this last photo is from the ferry. What a lovely welcome to get such lovely weather. I'm heading over this afternoon to Komedal Road studio to organise a few minutes bits and pieces for the workshop this weekend. I'm going to try (!) to blog a little bit while I'm here so I don't feel so overwhelmed with 100s of photos when I get back. That's the plan anyway, whether it happens or not is another thing entirely...

Best wishes from sunny Bainbridge Island,


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Workshops I'm teaching at Komedal Road Studio this September

Tomorrow I'm heading off to Seattle for 10 days to teach two workshops at the Komedal Road Studio on Bainbridge Island. If you haven't already, do take a look at their lovely website here to see the amazing space they opened up at the beginning of August.

I met Liz Le Dorze who runs Komedal Road rhrough blogging back in 2011 when I was just starting out with West Egg. She is super inspiring and I am so excited to be invited to teach workshops in her wonderful studio space.