Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Intelligent Matt Emulsion by The Little Greene Paint Company || The smartest paint in town

I think most people who know the paint company The Little Greene Paint Company realise they provide some of the best quality paints (and wallpapers) on the market. Their colours and recipes are totally unique to them, and what gives them the edge over ordinary paints is that they use 40% more pigment which gives a real depth to their colours.

Okay I admit, I started this blog post with the intention of sharing my favourite type of their paint but quickly, don't you love the dipped brushes above? I loved this paint brush display which they used at Decorex 2013. It looked absolutely amazing in real life. The hours that went into it, oh my goodness. It is made up of 8,000 paint brushes in 128 colours. You can watch the video of how they did it here. It is quite extraordinary.

So, anyway Little Greene have been on my radar for ages now, but especially recently as our new design springboard services has been really popular with couple who have young children. I think perhaps it's incorporating different functions into a space that is the most challenging. We have noticed a lot of requests for design springboards that are for open plan living spaces that need to incorporate entertaining space for friends and family, family friendly space for chilling out watching TV and relaxing, and floor space for play areas for little ones. While pinterest is an amazing resource and brilliant for ideas, it can be hard to translate those ideas into the spaces that you actually have to work with.

Anyway, when it comes to paint work we have been specifying in the majority of cases that people use the intelligent matt emulsion by Little Greene. It is by far and away the most brilliant paint on the market, a beautiful matt finish, it's also environmentally friendly and most importantly, it is completely washable! Certified completely safe for children's rooms and furniture in line with the Toy Paint Regulations' BS EN 71-3:1995, we just can't get enough.

I also just discovered that Little Greene have the most wonderful Flickr page, take a look here for some really inspiring images. I've posted some of my favourite colour combinations below.

Their Grey collection has proved to be exceptionally popular. Take a look here for the full range.

I'm not normally one for yellow, but Trumpet (195) really floats my boat especially in the image above. I really like it against the black, white and grey here, it works really well.

All images credits: The Little Greene Paint Company

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