Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Original Bakery in West Seattle

Hello. Long time no see! Okay so if you been reading this blog recently you'll know I was away for just over a week visiting family in the US. I've been back almost a week now and still catching up. I just wanted to pop in today to share a lovely treat with you. On my second to last day in Seattle we were whisked down to the Original Bakery in West Seattle for coffee and a little somethin' sweet. Wow, this place is the perfect American bakery. The smell of fresh coffee and freshly baked pastries hit you the second you walk in the door.

At 11am it was busy but not heaving, there was a steady stream of people coming in to collect coffee and go. We sat down and soaked up the laid-back atmosphere and the gentle bustle of the bakery ovens behind the counter.

I so wish I had got a t-shirt while I was there, somehow I totally missed them until I looked back through the photographs when I got home. Too late now. I will just have to go back at some point, there is no way round it!

The bakery opened in 1936 and is owned and operated by the Alonzo family since 1975. I was lucky enough to meet Bernie Alonzo and say hello. He demonstrated the bread slicer which dates back to the 40s. Legend. His daughter Anna graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle's Culinary School in 2009 and has joined her father in the family business. This place is much beloved by locals and visitors alike, everyone receives the same warm welcome. I am beyond envious of my cousins who have this lovely bakery on their doorstep.

The pastries and baked goodies give a whole new meaning to mouth-watering.

Loved the chequer floor and the quirky furniture pieces. Just my cup of tea. My favourite was the grandfather clock behind the counter which you can see in one of the photos above.

Coffee and a cherry slice. I did share this with my aunt - we spilt it in half but honestly, I could have eaten the lot. And the rest on the tray. Delicious.

If you're in West Seattle and fancy a visit, the bakery is located at 9253 45th Ave SW, West Seattle. They are closed Mondays. Click here to see their website.

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