Thursday, 16 January 2014

Living The Dream at the Printing House

After lunch today I decided to spend 1 hour, and 1 hour only, attempting to file and organise the photographs on my camera memory card after which I would transfer them to the computer. I could do without it to be perfectly honest as there is tons of other stuff to sort out, but the card is totally full and so is the spare, so you know, needs must. 

Rather typically, I have now spent 2.5 hours on this, but the upside is I've found some absolute gems from the last year or so. I was especially happy looking through all the the 1000s of photos I took on BlogTourNYC last March. Does that sound sarcastic? It's not meant to. Although I have made a mental note to reduce the number of shots per subject matter, I found at least 8 identical shots of the same console table. Obviously really liked it at the time. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share one of the highlights of the trip, which was a visit to the Printing House. 

There is a bit of a story behind it, so here you go.

Four/five years ago, when I was working for a hedge fund, and my business West Egg Interiors was nothing more than a daydream, I saw the film The September Issue. Amongst many glimpses into the incredible life of Anna Wintour (who I think is completely inspiring and amazing), the film showed a few clips of her at her home in Forge River, Long Island. 

To say I fell in love with the interior design of her home would be an understatement. Later on, in October 2010 when I had left my job and was working on my plans for West Egg, I spotted her home in the World of Interiors magazine and saw that an interior design duo known as Carrier & Company were responsible for the breath-taking design. Since then, I have avidly followed the progress of each new project that Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller have undertaken. Take a look here to see their amazing work.

So with that background, you may be able to understand my sheer joy and giddy excitement, when thanks to BlogTourNYC, I walked into a luxury loft condominium at the Printing House, a century old West Village landmark in New York City, designed by Carrier & Company. zomg. 

This was part of a whole afternoon tour put together by Miele and Corcoran Real Estate, complete with luxury bus featuring reclining leather seats, and nibbles and drinks at each stop, where we were invited into some of New York’s most incredible homes.

When we walked into the condominium at the Printing House, I didn’t actually know it was by Carrier & Company. But I recognised instantly the hallmarks of their incredibly savvy approach to design; the highest quality natural materials including wood, stone and natural rugs, the effortless combination of antiques, modern appliances, fine art and accessories, all of which create an original, timeless and welcoming home. Just as I was thinking to myself, I wonder if.... I spotted the distinctive red Carrier & Company logo on a postcard.

Wow. Wow. Wow. In my wildest dreams I never imagined in a million years I would ever step foot inside one of their projects. Seeing the Printing House in person was my personal highlight of the blogtour to New York. I hope you like it too.

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