Thursday, 13 June 2013

Choosing a Bathroom for our Cottage Renovation

As I mentioned in the blog post yesterday, my husband and I have been renovating an old cottage for several months now. It has been a fairly large project in terms of the work that we have had to get done. In short, the cottage was completely gutted and put back together with a steel frame. Gulp! So a slightly bigger job that we thought, but I've seen Grand Designs, I know that's the way it goes....not naive at all, not at all...

We're coming to the latter stages now, and one particular room that has had me stumped is the bathroom. Like pretty much everything else, we had to rip it out and start afresh. Only, once you're left with a basic rectangular room, it suddenly becomes a little daunting. Making these decisions is something I thought I'd relish, but actually it's agonising. I talked about choosing tiles yesterday which if you read it, you probably get a sense of how long it is taking me to make a decision.

In the end, I approached it the same way I approached everything else with this project. I researched online using Google images, Pinterest, decorating and renovation blogs like mad about the house and young house love. I looked back through brochures I had picked up at trade shows and when I was away on BlogTourNYC. And as I started to piece it all together, I picked out the common themes of things I liked. For me, it all starts with the bath. 

In an ideal world, and an ideal bathroom, I'd pick a lovely free-standing bath that inspires a deep sense of relaxation. Having blown most of our budget on mere silly things like steel frames, we're now penny pinching and trying to get more for every purchase at lower costs. I was happily surprised at the choices of baths available at some really good prices at Homebase. They have a fantastic range, and while they were too big for our bathroom space, given half a chance we would have picked one of these freestanding bad boys. 

Although we couldn't fit one in our bathroom this time, I've bookmarked them for any future bathrooms - we need one upstairs in the cottage so I'm hoping that will be big enough to fit one. Choosing from the wide variety of bathroom suites is tricky, and simply researching online is never the same as seeing things in real life. I visited several bathroom retailers in person, and spent time wandering around. It's also useful to visit in person, because then when you completely forget about things like shower screens, you know where to go.

I've taken some really hilarious photographs of the bathroom already (one of which you can see here) which show progress, all I need now are the 100% finished "after" photographs. 

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  1. I love a roll top bath too. We had two in our old house in separate bathrooms and they were absolutely divine. I miss them now we have moved and it will be a few years before we go can do up the bathrooms here. I liked your post on the metro tiles too.