Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Top 5 Stencil Finds

Morning all. I just wanted to drop in and share with you some really cool stencils I found via Etsy. At the furniture painting workshop I taught last week in London, the lovely Ilaria brought a stencil with her to use on a little stool she painted. It really inspired me so much. I searched a while ago for stencils but totally forgot about Etsy. I just wanted to show you my favourite finds that I discovered this morning.

Antique Metal Letter Stencil

Image Credit: Cultural Pollination

I love the shape of these letters, perfect for personalising crates or signs for weddings and summer parties. These stencils are available from Cultural Pollination - what a cool name for a store!

Linden Tree Stencil

Image Credit: Olive Leaf Stencils

Bringing the outdoors inside, these tree stencils are pretty awesome. I also really like that staircase, it looks like a slide. The Linden Tree stencil is by Olive Leaf Stencils.

HoneyComb Stencil

Image Credit: Cute Stencils

Kind of the bee's knees really, groan. I really like the geometric pattern, it's very pleasing to the eye and calming. This stencil is by Cute Stencils.

Image Credit: OMG Stencils

This is probably a little bit too hectic for me, but I just love the colour and pattern. This one is by OMG Stencils

Image Credit: Royal Design Stencils

This is the stencil that Ilaria used for her little wooden stool. It looked amazing, if you check out the West Egg instagram feed (handle: @westeggUK) you will be able to see some pictures of it in action. 

This stencil is by Royal Design Stencils

Have any of you used stencils before on walls in your home? I think it's quite a cool idea, especially for a child's room. Although, I do wonder how easy it is to cover up with paint in the future? Since I'm currently up to my eyeballs in decorating, it's these types of practical questions that concern me. Have a great day everyone - I have a ton of work to get through this morning and then afternoon I'm going to decorating....again! 

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