Wednesday, 10 April 2013

BlogTourNYC || Sponsor Profile: Victoria + Albert Baths

Victoria + Albert Baths, a sponsor of BlogTourNYC, are a British company who create beautiful bath tubs and basins. They use QUARRYCAST® to make their bath tubs which is a blend of volcanic limestone and high performance resins. Naturally white, each item is individually hand-finished by craftsmen at their factory based in South Africa. 

What I really like about Victoria + Albert is that they cover the whole design spectrum for bathrooms with styles ranging from minimalist contemporary to classic roll tops.

Victoria + Albert Baths || Toulouse 

My favourite bath tub from the Classic collection is the Toulouse - it looks wonderfully luxurious. I also love the styling of this photograph with the wooden painted floors, distressed doors to the right, and the delicate cabriole legs of the table housing the wash basin. Definitely my cup of tea.

Victoria + Albert Baths || Toulouse 

Doesn't that look relaxing? I love the exposed brick walls too in the photograph above. Having said that, my eye was also caught by the Cabrits which is completely different to the Toulouse.

Victoria + Albert Baths || Cabritis

Victoria + Albert Baths || Cabrits

The Cabrits bath tub is contoured to fit the body which makes it a very comfortable fit. How do I know this? I tried it out at the AD Home Design Show - fully clothed of course.

Victoria + Albert Baths || we saw their stand at the AD Home Design Show and got to try out the baths!

Victoria + Albert Baths || me and Gem Barton, fellow BlogTourNYC blogger

As you can see, BlogTourNYC is terribly hard work. It was actually lovely after being on our feet all day at the AD Home Design Show to put our feet up - if only for a photo opportunity!

Thank you Victoria + Albert Baths for sponsoring BlogTourNYC and making it a trip of a lifetime. If you'd like to find out more about Victoria + Albert Baths in the UK, there is a showroom in the Design Centre at Chelsea Harbour or you can visit their website to find your nearest dealer.

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