Tuesday, 9 April 2013

BlogTourNYC || Sponsor Profile: Miele

Miele, pronounced 'Tequila', were one of the fabulous BlogTourNYC sponsors. We had such a wonderful time thanks to their incredible hospitality. Miele, together with Corcoran Real Estate organised a real estate tour on the afternoon of Day 1 which was, frankly, mind-blowing. We were able to view some of the most incredible apartments available in New York and there was one in particular which I completely fell in love with... separate blog posts coming soon. Sorry, there is way too much to cover... you'll thank me afterwards, I promise. 

Anyway, after the tour we were invited by Miele to the Architects & Designers Building in Manhattan to visit their Miele Gallery. There are ten Miele galleries across the US, and each of these inspiring resource centres has its own calendar of events that are open to the public, including, product cooking presentations, MasterChef Classes, Wine Tastings and lots of other events.

We were invited to a special dinner, with chef Joey Campanaro from Little Owl, who used local, seasonal produce to make a spectacular 4 course feast using Miele appliances. For someone like me who learnt to cook on an Aga, it was kind of amazing to see the combi-steam oven in action. With a mind-boggling 100 automated programme settings to cook a variety of meats, vegetables and grains, plus step-by-step instructions as you go, not to mention five specialty Miele MasterChef gourmet programmes which incorporate slow cooking techniques, you can imagine why it was so cool to see it in action. 

Miele Gallery, A&D Building, Manhattan - Joey Campanaro is in the red jacket
Miele Gallery, A&D Building, Manhattan - Little Owl serving canapes and drinks - we were so spoilt.
Gem Barton acting as Joey's sous chef, Tina Ramchandani on the right tweeting away.
Miele Gallery, A&D Building, Manhattan - lovely ingredients
Miele Gallery, A&D Building, Manhattan - cooking the first course
Miele Gallery, A&D Building, Manhattan - Poached Maine Lobster with asparagus flan, endive and basil vinaigriette
Miele Gallery, A&D Building, Manhattan - BlogTourNYC bloggers Zoe Brewer and Lori Gilder

Miele Gallery, A&D Building, Manhattan - Tina Ramchandani, BlogTourNYC bloggers Emily Blunden and Mike Welton
Miele Gallery, A&D Building, Manhattan - our goodie bags all lined up (told you we got spoilt!)
Thank you so much Miele for spoiling us bloggers absolutely rotten and sponsoring the wonderful BlogTourNYC. It was such a fun evening with amazing company, incredible food and a fabulous chance to see such innovative and inspiring Miele products in action.

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