Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Brights + Pastels in San Juan

If you're in the UK today, chances are it's sunny where you are...doesn't it feel amazing? I was so happy to get up this morning and see blue skies, feel the warmth of the sun, hear the birds chattering - everything just felt brilliant, like Spring is finally here. And it's been lovely and sunny all day so far. I've been working in the studio today while my husband is working on the house so we took our lunch break together outside. Ah, bliss. 

One of the things I've been doing today is putting together some images for a project I'm working on. As I was scanning through folder after folder, some bright pastel images caught my eye. I know the trend for pastels has been around for over a year so it's nothing new, but it is refreshing and fun isn't it? Anyway, I opened the folder and found all the photos from a holiday we took to the British Virgin Islands in 2011. During that trip we visited San Juan and did you know, they paint all the buildings there in brights and pastels? 

Spanish colonial architecture dominates old San Juan, and I had a lovely 10 minutes reminiscing / day-dreaming about this trip. I think the blue sky today has cheered everything up and I've changed my desktop image to a collage of these wonderful images. I hope you find them inspiring too. 

I think my favourite is the mint green, it's so lovely. We've got some paints coming in from our wonderful supplier Autentico Paints this month and they have a lovely mint colour called "herbs". I am definitely feeling inspired to use this on a piece soon. 


  1. The perfect Spring images thanks Louisa!

  2. Beautiful images, thanks for sharing them. I love the mint too, but I think my favourite is the lime