Monday, 11 March 2013

BlogTourNYC || How It Works

Hi everyone, well Monday is here again and I'm ready for this week to get going! I spent the weekend in London for the Meet The Blogger conference this weekend which was brilliant fun, super interesting and very inspiring. It was also a wonderful experience for me personally to be able to speak and present a workshop to my lovely fellow bloggers. I'm just waiting for all the photos to appear magically on my computer via the icloud but it does seem to be taking a while. As soon as they appear, I will be putting together a few posts so you catch up with what I got up to. 

So, in the meantime since I've spent a good chunk of today doing research for BlogTourNYC I would share some more info with you on this upcoming trip. As I mentioned in my last post on BlogTourNYC, none of it would be possible without Modenus or the amazing sponsors. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with Modenus, it is essentially a networking and resource platform for the interior design community. So if you're into design + interiors + connecting - this is definitely something you should take a look at. The thing I like most about Modenus is the sheer wealth of information and inspiration on the site. There are forums where design bloggers and professionals can connect and discuss different topics and it's also completely free to use. A great feature are the before + after submissions which are always fun to take a look at - like this one by Elza B Design.

Also, for anyone reading who is a design / interiors blogger and you're interested in writing a guest blog, submitting Before & After images or if you want to cover a trade show or event - you can connect with Modenus via their website, facebook or twitter

So, the other big thank you is to the sponsors of BlogTourNYC. These are the companies, that together with Modenus, make this all possible. Over the last few weeks I've been connecting with these sponsors via twitter and facebook and doing some research into their businesses. I have to say, as a small business owner myself - it is truly inspiring to see how a business can grow and develop over time. 

Image credit: Modenus 

So, thank you so much to Miele, Mr. Steam, Silestone by Cosentino, Blanco, Poggenpohl, Du Verre, Barber Wilsons, NKBA, Jenn Air and Victoria + Abert for making BlogTourNYC a reality. I'm going to be doing separate blog posts on each of the sponsors so you can find out more about them. 

And lastly, I received the itinerary for BlogTourNYC last Friday, oh my goodness it is jam packed with fantastic events such as the 12th annual Architectural Digest Home Design Show (ah.mazing) and I also discovered we are all going to be staying at On The Avenue hotel in New York which also looks ah.mazing. I am so excited. 
Image credit: On The Ave, New York
Do you want to come with me? I'd love to pack you in my suitcase, but since I'll probably be over my baggage allowance anyway (options, obvs), you can subscribe for the latest blog posts which then drop into your email inbox each day by clicking on "subscribe by email" on the top right hand side of this page. If you're on facebook, twitter, pinterest or instagram (handle @westegguk) you can also follow me on there and see what we get up to. 

Okay, I'm off to inspect the cloud and see if my photos have popped up yet - fingers crossed. 


  1. Nice post! Great to see you today over on twitter. :) Looking forward to meeting in person.
    All my best,
    Michael Ryan

    1. Hi Michael,

      I really enjoyed the tweet chat last night, can you believe #blogtournyc was trending on twitter? Madness! Really looking forward to meeting you next week.

      Best wishes,

  2. Great to see you on the weekend lovely. Really enjoyed your workshop.

    Thank you for posting pic of Alfie, always hugely appreciated.
    No doubt, you will have tons of fun in NY. xx

    1. Hi Tina,

      So fantastic to see you and thank you for a brilliant design tour on Sunday. It was so inspiring, I loved every minute - I'm gutted to have missed the last stop at - it looks fabulous!

      I am looking forward to NY, it is coming round quick - I have a feeling it will be over in a flash too!

      Louisa x

  3. Yes, I would like to come with you please Louisa, I could lose a few pounds before then and you might be able to fit me in! :-)
    Really looking forward to following your tour (with envy!). Sounds amazing.
    Great to see you this weekend. Ax

    1. Anna I so wish I could take you with me, I will make sure to post lots of instagram, fb and twitter for you to keep up! So brilliant to see you this weekend, we must organise some time when we move into our new house for you to come and stay. As for losing a few pounds, I think I need to do this myself, I plan to take my running shoes and run round central park - that is always a nice thing to do. I've only done it once before but I really enjoyed it. There is apparently lots of walking too so fingers crossed I come back slimmer than I leave (hahahah as if!!) See you soon, Louisa xx

  4. It's looking so cozy! I expected something totally different... nice to have met and chat with you over the weekend See you next week !

    1. I didn't know what to expect, it looks pretty cool though and what a perfect location! Great to have met you Desiree, am so excited to see you next week in NYC x