Monday, 11 February 2013

Petrol Blue Colour Trend || Spotted at Tried & True

As some of you might know, I run a Furniture Painting Workshop at The Decor Cafe in Putney once a month. Since I live in Bedfordshire I drive down fairly early in the morning and I always leave extra time because I am terrified of being late for everyone attending. Can you imagine?! 

Since I always have at least half an hour to spare I take Alfie the pug on a nice long walk around Putney but last week it was absolutely freezing cold so I called into an independent coffee shop I'd seen before called Tried & True. It was wonderful! A cup of coffee always tastes better when you've just come into the warm don't you think? I've been reading on lots of design blogs about one of the big colour trends for 2013 being petrol blue. I'm not really one for colour trends or any kind of trend usually, but I really love this colour so I'm happy to jump on this particular bandwagon and give it a shout out. 

The second I walked through the door I fell in love with this beautiful La Marzocco coffee machine. Look at that beauty - it's fabulous! Back in the day when I was a waitress in the university holidays I loved making proper fresh coffee for customers. You could never get bored of the smell of fresh coffee. As I looked around the cafe I noticed pops of petrol blue everywhere.

Anzac cookies? It turns out that Tried & True is inspired by the relaxed social cafe scene in Auckland, New Zealand. I love how even the product card holders are in petrol blue. Cute! 

It was super early in the morning when I arrived (2 minutes after they opened) but I was chatting to Debbie from The Decor Cafe later on and she said it is a really popular hang out on the Upper Richmond Road. I can totally see why. Lovely decor, fabulous coffee and a wonderful menu of interesting and delicious breakfast and lunch options.

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  1. That is a gorgeous blue, I'd like to have that coffee machine too. What a lovely discovery, the menu looks tempting too.

    Hope Alfie is getting better, lovely seeing you on sunday xx