Thursday, 13 December 2012

Video from Hannover || #BYWStudio

Wow, so it turns out the lovely Stefanie Luxat who co-hosted the Blogging Your Way Studio last weekend with Holly Becker, was actually secretly filming us...!

She has put together the most magical video of our weekend at Holly's studio in Hannover. Steffi can add stealth video ninja to her list of talents as no one had a clue what she was up to.

Take a look to see what we got up to, it's beautiful and I love, love, love the music by J. Lang: In Peace, The Love & Happiness Mix (ft. Snowflake).

It makes me smile so much watching it, such happy, happy memories of a weekend spent with such a brilliant, inspiring group of bloggers. Thank you again Holly & Steffi! x 


  1. It looks like you really had a great time out there! Wonderful with the snow outside en you all happy with the choice you made to give us inspiration with your nice and happy blogposts! Looking forward to all your next posts!

    Greetings from a cold Holland, Winnie | STIJLIDEE

  2. So cool ! You look great in the video. Really missing the fun. Have a lovely weekend x

  3. BABBBEEE! I think this video is making the rounds and I sneakily always play it again every time I see it (it's up on my blog too!). I MISS you girls. And seeing your little giggles in the video , THE CUTEST. Love it. Can't wait to see you again! xx