Monday, 19 November 2012

Living the Scandinavian Way with Skandivis

Hello everyone, it's been a while! How are you? I'm sorry for the absence without notice that's been happening the last few weeks. Thank you to those of you who emailed to check I was still alive - that was sweet! My husband came home on R&R from Afghanistan and predictably I thought I could still do it all. Fail. The last two weeks have been a blur of family visits, seeing friends, working on the new house project together and generally catching up. It's been wonderful, like a holiday really but it caused a bad case of blog neglect.

Having time away from blogging was a bit of a bittersweet experience, it made me realise how much I enjoy it. Writing this blog is something I started because my web designer told me to do it. Really! That's the truth. I had no idea what I was doing but since I'm always most interested in the "behind the scenes" bits, that is one of the areas I decided to focus on. So far, I've posted about ideas, inspiration, people, antiques fairs, markets, trips, news, opportunities and experiences. When I look back to that first post I wrote in October 2010, I remember how much I didn't know and how scared and excited I was about this new adventure. One thing I definitely didn't know, was that blogging in itself could lead me to so many amazing opportunities or connect me with so many inspiring people. 

One of those inspiring people is Toni Kay who runs the wonderful Skandivis online interiors store. I first met Toni online through the decor8 blogging your way course (which I cannot recommend highly enough by the way). She is such a huge inspiration to me and I am thrilled to have connected with her through blogging. Toni's blog is really thoughtful and interesting, she always has some cool new finds and discovers new ways of doing things - like dip-dying cushions or painting pumpkins. Toni agreed to be interviewed for the blog so scroll down to check out her thoughts on Scandi design and living. Also, be sure to check out her amazing online store and blog.

Wall stickers are so popular right now and Toni has sourced these brilliant ones from Ferm Living. I especially love the birds and the map of the world and you never need to worry you'll get bored since you can just take them down and switch them. 

I love the simple design of these cute lab flasks, perfect for serving dressings or using as little flower vases. I also just love the light in this photograph.

I am completely smitten with this Moose tea & coffee cosy from By Nord. Super cool and also reminds me of that Woody Allen joke about the moose. 

This sparrow hook would look perfect by my new back door, so simple and pretty. I love how so many products at Skandivis incorporate nature to bring some of the outside inside. Okay, so over to Toni...

What inspired you to open Skandivis?

The simple answer is that I love shopping! Whenever I go back to Denmark I will always return full of inspiration and the suitcase packed with things I just had to buy. As a result friends were forever asking where I got this and that! So one day I decided to combine my love for all thing Scandinavian with my background in PR & marketing and open my own shop and this is how Skandivis came to life.

What do you look for when sourcing designers and pieces for your store?

First off the products have to have that unique Scandinavian look, secondly they have to be linked to the natural world in either shape or design. There are lots of web shops out there specialising in Scandinavian design so early on, I made the decision to concentrate on less know designers and keep an eye out for new talents graduating from the design schools.

How would you describe your own design style at home?

Our home has a definite Scandinavian feel, minimal but cosy.... white walls, wooden floors that kind of thing.

In terms of running your own business, what have been the highs and lows?

At the risk of sounding corny I haven't really experienced any lows, but continue to experience the highs, like watching my business grow, discovering new brands and taking them to the UK market.

What pieces would you recommend to west egg readers who want to incorporate a little Scandinavian living into their own homes?

I think your readers could give their home a touch of the Nordic by adding a few of our photo print animal cushions or bed linen for that instant nordic look.

All images: with kind permission from Skandivis


  1. Thank you so much for including Skandivis in your lovely blog Louisa :) xx

  2. Hi Louisa,I have been following Toni for a while now and appreciate very much the interview! And welcome back to blogging:-)

    1. HI Gudy - thank you, feels so nice to be back :) Toni is definitely one to watch! x

  3. Hi Louisa - great interview with Toni, love her to to bits. (And she sells cool stuff!)

  4. Great interview Louisa :) Love Toni's shop. Looking forward to our trip soon. Say hi to Alfie x

    1. So so so excited about our upcoming trip, can you believe it is a week on Friday? Alf says hi back! xx