Monday, 24 September 2012

Decorex 2012 Highlights

After all my excitement in this post way back at the beginning of August, it was beginning to feel like Decorex 2012 was never going to arrive. And then suddenly it was upon us. I started the day in pretty poor shape after celebrating an amazing wedding in the Cotswolds the day before. And it was pouring with rain. But everything started to look up when I managed to park just near Starbucks in Pimlico Rd so after a hefty caffeine fix I was actually feeling pretty good. 

The foyer this year was designed by Vivenne Westwood which was incredibly dramatic. The dresses are made from wallpaper which I find just baffling really. I have no idea how they managed to do that. 

Here are my personal highlights of the day done very quickly using some of my Instagram photos.

1. Inspired by Prometheus at Andrew Martin got me on a power trip. 
2. Beautiful designs at The Rug Company had me at hello. 
3. In love with the new Kew fabric designs by IVO Prints and so excited about using some of these designs for West Egg soft furnishing products in 2013. 
4. Alfresco dining at Harlequin had me hankering after a glass of bubbly. 

5. More alfresco fun at Harlequin.
6. Chevron chic is everywhere but no one is doing better than The Rug Company 
7. Rapture & Wright had a brilliant video of the hand-printing process at their Gloucestershire print studio (check out their brilliant blog for great behind the scenes posts) 
8. Spotted this hammock at Daylesford Organic on Pimlico Rd (post Decorex debrief w/ tea & cake) and just wanted to climb right in. 

UPDATE: Although Decorex is a trade fair, it is open to the public tomorrow afternoon into the early evening so do go along if you get the chance. 


  1. I feel like its a bit unfair the public only get to go to decorex one afternoon out of four days. Why does interior design have be so cliquey and exclusive? Surely it's for everyone, not just the "trade".

  2. Oh dear, someone is a little upset. Well, I am trade and didn't go to Decorex at all. Next time I must give 'anonymous' my press pass:)
    Interior design is far too cliquey and exclusive, I agree!!

    Glad you had such a good time. I love that you're so enthusiastic. It's really refreshing and charming. How is pugs? xx

    1. Hi Tina, I think "anonymous" does have a point about ID being a little cliquely but maybe came across a little cross!

      Pugs is v well, had his vaccs this morning and got some cucumber treats afterwards. He sends his best #puglove! x