Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Inspired by... Emma Vowles Flowers

Do you ever find sometimes when you're looking for something on the internet that an image will just grab your attention and that's it, you forget your original purpose because your imagination has been well and truly captured? That's what happened to me when I stumbled across the website for Emma Vowles Flowers. I still can't remember what I was looking for now, hopefully it will pop back into my head at some point. 

I was so inspired by Emma's story because she started her business small like I did, from the spare room at home and it's grown steadily into a thriving studio with a loyal and faithful band of customers and fans. 

You can kind of see why from these images, can't you? I think sometimes floral displays can look so staged and flat in photographs, but these images are so fresh and about as real life as they get. 

I also love her little dog Gertie (amazing name!) I wish her shop was a little closer and then I could pop in with AlfiePug. Emma shared this photographs of a walk with Gertie through the Devon countryside, she gets lots of her own inspiration and ideas from the local flowers and foliage around her.

Her flagship store in Totnes, Devon also stocks some really beautiful accessories for the home and garden, I've added this to my must-visit list next time I am in the South-West and it can't come soon enough! 

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