Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Styling your home with Feng Shui the Urbanara Way

A couple of days ago I was sent these beautiful images from Urbanara and just had to share them with you all. They have also put together a really interesting guide which you can download featuring cool tips and quirky facts about feng shui and the colours associated with the various elements. Like, did you know yellow can cause nausea which is why you'll never see it in an aircraft design? I would always associate white as a sign of peace but in China it's a sign of mourning. Red can you make you feel hungry while green doesn't. It's really a fun read so do take a look. 

I love to see linens folded and piled up, very orderly, simple and charming. 

This beautifully styled bed is so inviting...I love how the distressed old wall behind gives such a brilliant contrast to the crisp white bedsheets.

I could definitely take a bath here, what a peaceful setting. Wood is represented by the colour green and according to Feng Shui aids development and growth, creation and creativity. 

The team at Urbanara are a pretty cool bunch because they've put together some really beautiful collections of homewares but without a massive price tag. And to help things even more they have offered West Egg blog readers a £15 discount on all orders over £50 for the next two months - just use voucher code POILK238. Thank you Urbanara!

Have a great day everyone, it's drizzling here and I'm heading into London shortly for work appointments but I do have time at lunch to see an old friend who has recently moved back to England. So excited to catch up with her and we're heading to Wagamamas for ramen which I love too. Bye!

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