Thursday, 19 July 2012

Love This! Giffords Circus

Firstly, I'm sorry I've been slightly MIA the last little while. We completed on the house and work has started already so there has been lots to do (read about here) and what with West Egg, various people coming/going/staying and a weekend away in the Cotswolds squeezed in, I just haven't had the time and/or access to my laptop. But I'm back and I have something so fun to share with you. I was invited by some friends to join them at the circus last Saturday and it was brilliant, just brilliant.    

Giffords Circus is a traditional small touring circus set up by Toti and Nell Gifford just over 10 years ago and they move locations around the South West of England each week.  We saw them when they were set up at the Trout Inn in Lechlade which is a lovely part of the country and a fantastic pub with wonderful staff and delicious food, I really recommend it. 

I loved the set design so much, it was the perfect backdrop for this kooky circus. The set was designed by Louisa Birkin, what a cool name :) Seriously though, she is one talented lady and you can see her progress on her blog by clicking here. 

So, anyway back to the circus. It is so fun in the most old school way possible, just rowdy, happy, musical, noisy fun. It was packed out with adults and children with everyone roaring their heads off laughing, especially one little boy on the front row who laughed so hysterically it distracted the clown from his act. 

The show itself is packed full of entertainment, I don't want to give too much away in case you get a chance to go and see it but the acrobatics were breath-taking and there is a seriously amazing dog!

Circus Sauce serves interval drinks and freshly baked cakes and they have an evening service so you can have dinner after the show. They have literally thought of everything and I love their personalised Emma Bridgewater crockery. It is so refreshing to see massive pots of tea being made rather than those big cylindrical hot drink dispensers. They get it right on every front.

One last thing is the band are incredible and the costumes they wore are just so wonderfully eccentric and fabulous, it makes you want to run away and join the circus. Wouldn't that be amazing?


  1. I haven't been to the circus since I was a kid.. looks like I'll have to give this one a go next time I'm down south! Love the Emma Bridgewater crockery and cakes too, what a lovely touch!

    1. Hi Hollie, I really really recommend it, just a magical experience. My friends and I just loved it and the little ones were just fascinated by it all. So fun xx

  2. This circus is just magical loved every minute of it the crowds laughter the honkytonk music the costumes and the atmosphere was just fantastico

  3. we live in one of the cotswolds villages on giffords tour, and it is an annual pilgrimage that we would never miss, they are truly fabulous, it is a wonderful show.
    love your blog, only just found it, but i have spent the evening having a lovely read!
    best wishes

    1. Hi Sarah, thank you so much for your lovely comments - you totally made my day. I really recommend Louisa Birkin's blog, she is so supremely talented. Can't wait to see what they come up with next year! x