Monday, 2 July 2012

Interiors Style: Old and New

Good morning! Does anyone else think the weekend went really quickly and now we're in July, I can't actually believe it. I know lots of you readers are in the UK so you'll know what I mean when I say how relieved I am that the sun actually came out the last few days and stayed out! It's looking gloomy and rainy here for today though so I thought I'd share something that brought a bit of virtual sushine into my world.

A few months ago I wrote a post called Is Old the NEW New? and I featured an image from Emily Gilbert who is an incredible interiors photographer from New York. Emily is so talented and I read recently that her personal style is rustic meets modern, totally up my street.

Mixing old and new is how I love to decorate and I think lots of people do too. I  love the interest, stories and charm of old pieces and if you mix that with the fresh, clean look of modern pieces I think what you get is a really simple and eclectic style shining through. I sought out the image by Emily over the weekend to take another look at the dining table which I recalled falling in love with first time around. While I was on her website I saw so many other inspiring images that I just had to share them. Emily has kindly given me permission to use these images so take a look.

This is definitely my cup of tea. I am in love with that dining table and the wide, polished wooden floorboards. It all looks so comfortable and elegant.

How relaxing does this bedroom look? I could just curl up with a good book and be lost for hours. I love the vintage doors made into a headboard and the limed wicker basket. So simple and cosy. 

The styling here is just wonderful, so simple with little pops of colour here and there but nothing too attention-grabbing. It's low key and looks like a really chilled out room to work in. 

That little burst of turquoise from the artwork on the mantelpiece and the stunning flowers really  make this room for me, and give it a lovely laid-back luxe feel. I love the dramatic fireplace too, it creates a really neat focal point.

Right! Back to work. We have a bit of a road trip on for today as we're heading over to see some of my favourite antiques and vintage dealers to pick up some new stock. Just need to get Alfie, some coffee and we're off. Have a great Monday!

All images used with kind permission from Emily Gilbert.


  1. I am in love with that bedroom - so inviting and relaxing.
    The Cupboard

  2. Lovely home. Thanks for sharing