Thursday, 15 March 2012

3 Ways to Decorate with Vintage Shutters

One of the new arrivals in the West Egg store this week is a pair of beautiful Vintage French shutters. As soon as I clapped eyes on them I knew there were going to look incredible. Originally painted in bright green paint which was chipped and worn away in places, they were also covered in dirt. Now lovingly restored, they have been given a new coat of paint (Duck Egg Blue by Annie Sloan) and a smooth wax finish. I created an authentic distressed look; natural wear and tear, which I prefer to total destruction. 

The key to achieving this look is quite simply, less is more. I do a little bit with some light grade sandpaper, here and there. Then I leave them alone and go off to walk the dog, make tea, answer emails, visit the post office. Come back, have a look - do a little more. Repeat. Until you come back and look - and they're done.

The uses for shutters are only limited to your imagination - I had a few ideas in mind when I saw them so I thought it would be fun to share these with you all.

1. Shutter Statement

This is really simple and a great way to bring a French vintage feel to the room with a statement piece. On a console table or chest, simply prop the shutters against the wall and accessorise away! I chose to use all different shades of blue just to keep it simple. You could use a really wide range of colours against the duck egg blue - the grey undertones make it a really versatile colour.

2. Shutter NoticeBoard

I love this idea! The shutters are turned upside down and the original sliders behind act as a natural slot for notebooks, papers, correspondence and RSVPs. One day when West Egg has a physical store premises, I plan to have a row of shutters showcasing beautiful stationery, cards and notebooks.

Of course Alfie finds a way into yet another snap, a photo within a photo. The sewing tape ribbon on the right hand side is what we use to gift wrap our cushions with - they look beautiful when they get sent out which makes me feel quite proud, I am big believer in interesting and well-thought out gift-wrapping. 

3. Shutter Headboard

This is a lovely idea to create a real statement headboard. Simply fix a series of shutters together, it doesn't matter if they are all the same height and shape - variety is the spice of life! Again, I love this colour so much because it goes with everything - I love how our Raspberry Toile envelope cushion gives a fresh pop of colour. 

Another idea I had was to fix them to the wall in a hallway and use as letter trays for each member of the family. Or if you're planning a vintage summer wedding you could use the shutters to display the name cards. So many ideas, I could do this all day. I've made a board collating other ideas on Pinterest - take a look by clicking here. Please feel free to share your ideas here - I'd love to hear what you guys think. 

Separately, but kind of related I am completely loving these adorable hand-printed gift tags that each of the cushions comes with (the care instructions are on the reverse). 

They were made by the ever-so talented Lucinda Nicol who is busy designing a new range of soft furnishing products exclusively for West Egg which is very exciting. We are launching our first print catalogue in June this year - please click here to request your free copy. There are so many exciting projects happening right now my head is spinning. I think I'll take Alfie out for a nice walk, it's sunny and, well, why not? Alfie has his own page now on Pinterest, quel surprise he's being re-pinned left, right and centre. Take a look by clicking here or visit Pinterest and search for West Egg.


  1. I love how you have come up with ideas I would never have thought of. I am heading over to Pinterest right this second to sign up! Thanks for the tip!

    1. Hi Vanessa

      Thanks so much for your comments - do sign up for Pinterest, it is great although slightly addictive to start off!


  2. I love shutters and these are a couple of beauties. Thanks for the ideas. It's always great to see new uses.

    1. Thanks Laura, I love them too - they turned out so well. Hope you're having a lovely weekend.