Wednesday, 24 August 2011

West Egg wins #WOW Award!

So thrilled and excited to win the competition run by Jacqueline Gold, Chief Executive of Ann Summers and Knickerbox. #WOW stands for Women on Wednesdays, the competition is on Twitter and the idea is women send her details of their businesses and she judges the entries and RT's her 3 favourites. 

And West Egg won!

Jacqueline's comments were: "Well done to who revamps antique furniture so people can use them in their home. Fabulous website!"

It's funny actually because before I started West Egg and I was commuting back and forth from London (with a head full of West Egg ideas), I was rather taken with a column in the Evening Standard one night so I ripped it out, took it home and stuck it on the pinboard. The article was called "These five pearls of wisdom are pure Gold" and outlined the 5 secrets of Jacqueline's success - definitely a keeper! It's been on my pinboard in the office ever since....funny how things turn out. 

PS: Seeing this photo makes me think I need to really tidy up the pinboard. 
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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Sneak Peak at the new SourceBook

Hi everyone, here is a sneak peak at the details of the all new SourceBook launching 1st September! Read on for more information or click the image above to visit the SourceBook.
How does the SourceBook work?
If you are searching for a particular piece of antique or vintage furniture or accessory for your home (or if you've seen something on the West Egg website that has sadly already been sold) you can submit a SourceBook request by clicking here so we can find it for you! West Egg has a network across the UK of incredible antique and vintage companies and dealers who receive the request and then let us know if they have a suitable match.

Why use the SourceBook?  
The SourceBook is quick, free and easy to use. So for interior designers and private customers looking for antique and vintage pieces the SourceBook is the must-have tool to find interesting and unique pieces. Your personal details are never released to companies and dealers listed in the SourceBook - only your geographical location.

West Egg personally verifies each and every match sent over by a company or dealer and puts together a personalised "Top 10 Matches" list which is sent to you by email with images, descriptions and the contact details of the relevant company or dealer. It's then up to you how you use that information.

We do things the old-fashioned way at West Egg, none of the sourcing work is automated and there is absolutely no obligation to purchase any of the products suggested in the Top 10 Matches.

Why does West Egg offer this service?

When West Egg started trading in February 2011 there was no way to foresee the popularity of the SourceBook. There were so many requests coming in for different pieces of furniture and home accessories, it was a full-time job in itself ringing up dealers and different companies trying to find the perfect match for our customers. More often than not, our customers (quite rightly) wanted to see 4-5 different options which took even longer. By sharing our SourceBook requests with so many dealers and companies in the UK we are now able to complete each SourceBook request much more quickly and successfully than we ever could on our own. Also, there are so many amazing small, independent companies and dealers in the UK selling some truly stunning pieces of antique and vintage pieces but unless you know where to look or who does what best, the customer is the one who loses out. Now, by using the SourceBook a huge network of companies and dealers specialising in antique and vintage furniture is opened up and available for everyone.

Any feedback and comments are much appreciated, the A-Z lists aren't working yet but everything else should be - please email me at or contact me via facebook or twitter - details below.

Thanks so much,

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Monday, 8 August 2011

In VOGUE (literally)

Well, this is an exciting day for West Egg...the September issue of VOGUE magazine is out and West Egg features in the page called Maison Chic: Vogue's guide to Stylish Interiors! HUGE. Click here to visit the News page on the West Egg website to see the feature. I am almost more excited about the fact they found West Egg on google (SEO is working - yes!) and liked the products enough to ask us to be involved. I also have some more great news but I can't quite share that with you yet so it will have to wait until we're back from our summer holidays. Watch this space.

Enjoy this wonderful summer weather - long may it last!

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