Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Restoration Project: Vintage Shelves

I picked up these lovely vintage shelves in a house clearance. As soon as I saw them I absolutely loved the shape of the shelves but I felt they needed bringing back to life with some fabulous Annie Sloan chalk paints. These beautiful restored vintage shelves are available to buy on the West Egg website by clicking here or following this link http://www.westegg.co.uk/Vintage-Painted-Wooden-Shelves-p/we00137.htm.

This is what the shelves looked like before:

The first step was to lightly sand the shelves using some medium coarse sanding paper. If you're using the Annie Sloan paints you don't need to worry too much about making the surface perfect. The paints are chalk based and give a fabulous velvety finish. I painted all over the shelves with Old White paint. I used a 2 inch brush to apply the paint and applied quite a thick coat. 

Once the first coat was completely dried out I painted a second coat using the Duck Egg Blue paint. I worked hard to apply the second coat really smoothly and as evenly as possible. 

One of the advantages of the Annie Sloan paints is that they seem to dry really quickly compared to some other designer paints I have used previously. I still would recommend leaving 24 hrs between coats to be sure. 

Once the second coat was completely dry I applied some clear soft wax with a clean brush. There was some excess wax caught in the corners which I wiped off with a lint free cloth. Some people suggest waiting until the wax has dried on slightly before sanding but it doesn't seem to make any difference in my experience. 

I used fine sandpaper to really gently sand the shelves to give them a feeling of age and a bit of extra character. On the edges and in some areas I pressed harder to cut through the duck egg and reveal the old white paint below. It's really important to not rub away in similar areas as it can look too uniform. Think about the natural wear and tear of items before you start sanding - on chairs it's always the arms and bottoms of the legs that get scuffed, knocked around and worn down over time. 

Once I'd sanded the shelves down and was happy with the effect I re-waxed the shelves and gave them a good polish with a lint free cloth. 

Here are some additional after photos:


For this and other unique restored pieces of furniture please visit the West Egg website at www.westegg.co.uk.

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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Vintage Brown Trunk - Before and After

Large brown vintage trunk available at www.westegg.co.uk

It's great to report that the brown vintage trunk I picked up at Kempton Park and blogged about here is finally finished and available to buy online at www.westegg.co.uk. It is a lovely 1950s trunk which has obviously been used on numerous journeys sine it was totally battered and neglected when I picked it up. 

Now it's finished I am really pleased with the end result. I love the distressed effect and the interior looks fabulous with it's new blue & white ticking fabric lining. After much debate (click here to read about it) I chose to go with the traditional ticking - it is such a classic look. 

Here is a reminder of what it looked like before:

The exterior was really battered and covered in dirt and bits of paint.

The interior lining was worn away and
badly stained after years of use.

These trunks are so versatile and can be used in the bedroom as storage or in the sitting room as a coffee table. Whatever use they are put to, these original trunks bring a lovely vintage feel to the home. To see this trunk and others like it please visit www.westegg.co.uk.

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