Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Restoration Project: Blue Chair

Do you ever have things that need doing that you put off? This chair was one of those things. It's in the back of your mind and it pops up every now and again to annoy you. At some point you realise it's tormenting you and it's probably better to deal it and move on with your life. The client asked for the wood dye on her chair to be removed. Removing wood dye, simply put, is a nightmare. However, now it's done I can share with you a few tips. 

First tip: don't use wood dye, just don't go there. Second tip, if you do go there - be 100% sure it's the right decision because it's pretty hard to remove and if it's a pigment based dye, well, you can forget it.

Here is the blue chair before:

And here is the blue chair after:

To remove any type of wood dye you have to use a bleach. In this case I used a specific chlorine bleach because it removes the dye without affecting the colour and tone of the timber underneath. This chair took two applications. It's important to give each application time to settle so I waited a couple of days between each one. The chlorine bleach would not have worked if this was a pigment based dye but thankfully it wasn't in this case. Usually only sanding will remove pigment based dye and with the engraving detail on the chair this would not have been appropriate.

Once the dye was removed I used a clear wax (carnuba and beeswax blend) to protect the wood. The client was really happy with her chair and I was very happy to have finished it. 

If you have a restoration project you would like advice or a quote on please email me at restoration@westegg.co.uk or visit the restoration page on the West Egg website by clicking here.

Now onto my other list of things I've been putting off......

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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

London's Best Kept Antiques Secret

The wonderful Lillie Road in Fulham, London is home to over 19 antiques shops offering a huge selection of antique furniture, lighting, mirrors and decorative objects. Originally the number one destination for British and international interior designers, it has a growing reputation as the place to source original pieces bringing with it a new swathe of individual buyers keen to explore the delights of the Lillie Road. 

One of my favourite shops is Nimmo & Spooner. Myra Spooner and M. Charpentier have been in the antiques business for over 17 years and specialise in furniture, lighting and mirrors from the 18th to 20th century.

Nimmo & Spooner 277 Lillie Rd, Tel: 0207 385 2724

Nimmo & Spooner 277 Lillie Rd, Tel: 0207 385 2724

If you're into chandeliers, a trip to Hindley Antiques is an absolute must. Nigel Hindley a lovely friendly chap and amongst other things, has the most superb selection of French chandliers from 1900 to the 1920s. 

Hindley Antiques 281 Lillie Road, Tel: 0207 385 0706

Anyone with a love of antiques and a pampered pooch must visit Alexander Von Westenholz. He not only deals in 19th century antique furniture, sporting prints, Victorian / Edwardian taxidermy but also sells dog boxes which are copies of an early 20thC dog bed made from stained ash and set on old croquet balls with a feather cushion and loose cover. 

Alexander Von Westenholz, 297 Lillie Road,
Tel: 0207 386 1888, www.avwantiques.com

Maison Artefact has been located at 273 Lillie Road for over 8 years. They deal in mostly 19th century French, Swedish and Italian pieces with a wonderful selection of stoneware, metal pieces and other decorative objects. The stunning 19th century French clock face in the photograph below is a massive 117cm in diameter and can be made to work for an additional charge. 

Enormous clock at Maison Artefact,
 273 Lillie Road, Tel: 0207 381 2500
Beautiful mirrors and dining table at Maison Artefact

The garden at Maison Artefact

Exploring antiques shops wouldn't be the same without a quick pit stop and fortunately the delightful Arturos Art & Delicatessen doesn't disappoint. It is a typical Portuguese deli with a lovely garden where you can sit and enjoy a really good cup of coffee.

Visiting the Lillie Road is very easy - it is a 15 minute walk from Barons Court and Fulham Broadway tube stations and there is pay and display parking in the adjoining streets. One word of warning - a few of the dealers lock their shops up and work in nearby offices - they will usually leave a number to call on the front door. Enjoy your visit! 

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