Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Is OLD the new NEW?

I love the patina of old pieces of furniture but I also love the functionality, practicality and just plain, simple working ability of modern furniture. Particularly in the kitchen. Who wants to wrestle with an unruly, stubborn drawer every time you want a piece of cutlery? And you never want to see an antique chair in a home office or any kind of office for that matter. 

The solution? Mix it up. For me, interior design these days is all about eclecticism. Co-mingling pieces of old and new furniture and decorative home accessories is a brilliant way to bring comfort, elegance and a unique timeless quality to modern homes. 

The key to the successful co-habitation of old and new is to keep it simple and have one common theme or thread running through your interior design of the room. The obvious thread is colour but it could be something to do with the provenance of a particular piece. Personally I love to buy decorative pieces on trips overseas, not only are they are a lovely reminder of a fantastic holiday and also something unique to your home. De-cluttering and keeping it simple are the two best ways to show off your favourite pieces. 

I love how these photographs by Emily Gilbert make blending antique and modern furniture seem so simple, natural and comfortable. Emily is an amazingly talented interiors photographer based in New York, her website and blog have some truly inspiring images.

This sitting room just about sums up eclectic. I am such a fan of sisal rugs for instant texture (and they are so reasonably priced too). And I am loving the flower arrangement - totally unique, fun and interesting. 


  1. I love to mix old and new. As long as you have a common thread and are careful about editing This style of decorating seems to be a great way to really show your personality.

  2. I totally agree, as you say it's all in the editing!