Thursday, 10 March 2011

A Glorious Day at the Races...(sort of)

A quick post to share some lovely photos from Kempton Park Antiques Fair on Tuesday. Like most fairs, it's an early start - you have to be there at 6am if you're even remotely serious. I think most dealers are there much earlier to source new stock because the car park is always packed by the time I rock up at 6:15am. 

There are hundreds of stallholders, inside and out and despite the early start they are a pretty cheery bunch. I think one of the reasons it's so successful is that it caters for dealers and not tourists so you get a really excellent, eclectic range of furniture, decorative objects, silver, porcelain and pottery. It was -5 C when I pulled in to the car park, but I did remember to take a flask of coffee which saw me through and in an incredible display of willpower, I resisted the lure of the bacon sandwich van.

If you can face the early start, Kempton Park is definitely worth a visit - just make sure you take a large car/van and lots of hot tea or coffee.

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