Thursday, 9 December 2010

Behind the scenes at our first photoshoot

Essex Barn, Great Yeldham

Another tick on the checklist.  The photo shoot (1 word or 2?) was the culmination of weeks of back-achingly hard work, getting each piece perfect and ready for the big day. "The more you put in the more you get out" turns out to be true because it worked out brilliantly. The shoot took place at the Essex Barn in Great Yeldham which happens to be a really beautiful part of Essex. There is also a lovely pub called the White Hart which is on the same site, has great food and very friendly, helpful staff.

Nearby glorious countryside.
It looked nothing like this on the day because it was raining AGAIN.

The barn was set up for a wedding which was slightly surreal lugging furniture around tables and chairs covered in ribbons and bows. The shoot took all day and we worked well into the evening but the photos look amazing. This is all down to two people - Paul Heneker the fantastic, very enthusiastic and generally awesome photographer and my completely excellent friend Hester Finch who is a absolute trooper, took a day off being a fabulous artist to help unload/load the van and generally oversee logistics. Thank you both very much. And thank you to the military police for not arresting me for crimes against reverse parking at 1am. Very grateful and sorry you had to wait so long. 

Visual display of elbow grease.

The website should be coming very soon, I can't wait for you all to see it. Thank you once again for all the lovely emails and messages of support, I love to hear from you all! 

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