Sunday, 24 October 2010

Welcome to the West Egg blog!

Hi there and welcome to my first blog. Over the next few months you can follow me as I set about creating West Egg; a company selling beautiful restored antique and vintage furniture as well as smaller home accessories. The philosophy of the company is to provide unique pieces of furniture that don't cost a fortune and help the environment at the same time. Why spend all that hard earned cash on furniture when you can re-use what is already out there albeit a little battered, neglected and unloved. I find it so exciting to unearth a hidden treasure at a flea market, furniture auction or even a car boot sale and with a little TLC (sometimes maybe something a little stronger) it can be brought back to life!

Two years ago this was all just a series of daydreams which usually happened during tedious conference calls or long mornings at law school. But after a couple of years of daydreaming and about several months of serious planning I am finally at a point where I can focus on West Egg full time. I have just finished my first week which was amazing; very busy and lots of rushing around but everyday was different, I've met some fantastic people and life just feels good! In the old days I would spend around 4hrs commuting each day into London; now I get up an hour later, chase a very naughty pug around the fields and get home in time to have some breakfast and start the day at the same time as I used to. Even when it is freezing I still love to get out first thing and then I get to spend each day doing something I love and something I really believe in. I never thought I could live the life I really wanted to until now, and now I am actually doing it, well, I can't really believe it.

So this afternoon I am off to deepest Cornwall to hone my restoration skills, no internet access where I am staying but I will update you when I get back next weekend!