Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Workshops I'm teaching at Komedal Road Studio this September

Tomorrow I'm heading off to Seattle for 10 days to teach two workshops at the Komedal Road Studio on Bainbridge Island. If you haven't already, do take a look at their lovely website here to see the amazing space they opened up at the beginning of August.

I met Liz Le Dorze who runs Komedal Road rhrough blogging back in 2011 when I was just starting out with West Egg. She is super inspiring and I am so excited to be invited to teach workshops in her wonderful studio space.

The first workshop is the Paint Like A Pro weekend course at Komedal Road Studio on Bainbridge Island, W.A on September 6-7, 2014. 

This workshop is ideal if you have an interest in furniture painting, restoration and upholstery. Maybe you're thinking of starting a business selling restored furniture or painted furniture, or maybe you just want to gather some new skills to use on projects in your home, whatever the reason, this workshop will give you the confidence, inspiration and motivation to take on really interesting and rewarding projects.

Absolutely no experience is required. Ideally, you will bring with you two pieces of wooden furniture (it doesn't matter if they are varnished or unvarnished) and an upholstery project such as a piano stool, small footstool with legs, or a dining chair with a drop in seat. If you don't have furniture that you think is going to be suitable, don't worry, just send us an email and we will source some pieces for you.

The best bit about this workshop is that you will be working on actual pieces of furniture and you'll have all the materials and equipment you need to transform tired pieces of furniture. Even with the same selection of paints and finishes, students always put their own unique stamp on their work and this is one of the most inspiring parts of the workshop.

Course Outline: 
  • Choosing furniture; how to source pieces and what to look out for at auctions and antiques fairs.
  • Preparation tips for all types of furniture including heavily varnished pieces.
  • Basic repair work, how to remove stains such as water marks, guidance on the tools and materials required.
  • Furniture painting using chalk paints, we show you three techniques.
  • Waxing unpainted furniture and finishing techniques for unpainted furniture.
  • Different decorative techniques for painted furniture..
  • Finishing techniques including waxing, varnishing and sealing.
  • Basic upholstery - how to upholster simple projects such as a drop in seat dining chair, stool or footstool.
The workshop includes the following:

* All materials for the weekend, including paints and waxes etc.
* A full set of notes for each stage of the course with a breakdown of instructions for each process.
* Breakfast, lunch, snacks, all refreshments.
* Skype follow up call (up to 1 hour) with Louisa Blackmore anytime after the workshop.

The cost of this workshop is $470, however, this is a special Komedal Road rate of $370, please click here for information and how to book. All payments are taken via PayPal, however, you do not need a PayPal account to pay for the workshop, there is an option to pay by credit card. You will receive a confirmation from PayPal and we will also email you directly from info@westegg.co.uk.

The following weekend on September 13, 2014 I'm going to teaching a second workshop called Style + Substance { Start Up Your Creative Business }.

This is a brand new workshop I've been working on for the past few months and takes all the key element of starting up an interiors business. The style section of the workshop focuses on styling vignettes and lifestyle shots, looking at colour palettes and helping people to identify their style. The substance section focuses on the practicalities of the business such as business management do's and don'ts, how to work out your burn rate, marketing on a shoe-string, setting up online and using social media to build your business.

I will be co-hosting this workshop with Liz  and we are both so excited to share all our tips and advice to help you set up an amazing interiors business that you are truly passionate about and that has integrity and longevity.

Scroll down to take a look at the workshop outline...

Course Outline:

This workshop is split broadly speaking into two halves: - style + substance...

  • Gathering inspiration and fresh ideas and how to translate them into stunning images.
  • How to communicate your brand in an authentic and effective way. 
  • Styling vignettes and lifestyle shots. 
  • Using colour palettes to reflect your style. 
  • Tips on interiors photography and practical advice Substance.
  • Top 10 Must Have List for setting up a new interiors business 
  • Practical do's and don'ts for business management 
  • How to set up a website for services or e-commerce 
  • Marketing on a shoe-string 
  • Social media and how to use it effectively to promote your business 

During this one day workshop, we will be discussing all aspects of starting up a successful business from our own experience so you can learn from all our mistakes and we will share our top tips for success. Plus, you will be among others in exactly the same boat as you, something I wish that I had had before starting my business. We will cover a lot of material which is designed to give you a really good springboard for launching your own business.

Lunch, snacks and all refreshments are also included.

We recommend you bring a camera, ideally a DSLR but even an iphone would be suitable. We would also ask you to bring notepads etc so you can take notes if you wish.

The cost of this workshop is $235, however, this is a special Komedal Road rat of $175, please click here for information and how to book. All payments are taken via PayPal, however, you do not need a PayPal account to pay for the workshop, there is an option to pay by credit card. You will receive a confirmation from PayPal and we will also email you directly from info@westegg.co.uk.

If you have any queries please contact me at louisa@westegg.co.uk. 

Best wishes! 

Break from blogging

As you may have noticed I took a bit of a break from blogging over August. It wasn't intentional, it just sort of happened. A few days turned into a week, two weeks, etc. And here we are in September. If you read this blog regularly you'll know that there is no schedule to it although I do try to post 2-3 times a week.

Funnily enough, the irony of this is that many of the projects I was busy with over August came via this blog - actually my lovely friend Holly wrote about this here. Although the blog is the reason these opportunities exist, it is the first thing to be dropped when time is at a premium. Yesterday I was out at a client's all day so no chance to blog but today I feel a renewed sense of enjoyment of blogging and I was actually itching to get typing this morning.

So for the last few weeks although I haven't been blogging myself, I have of course been keeping up with what everyone else is talking about and I had a lovely read through of some of my favourite blogs this weekend so I thought I'd do a quick round up now.

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