Thursday, 13 November 2014

Spare Bedroom Makeover // After Photographs

As promised, here are the photographs of the finished spare bedroom. To take a recap of what it looked like before, click here. For a long time the spare room was used as the storage area and general dumping ground during the renovations so it was lovely to be able to properly spruce it up and make it a more welcoming space for guests.

As I mentioned in my last blog post here, I chose to use Wevet by Farrow & Ball for the walls and James White, also by Farrow & Ball, for the flooring. I got all the paint from Homebase which handily stocks Farrow & Ball paints, although I did have to order them specially and then go back to collect them but I guess this is the case wherever you go.

I upholstered the bedframe using Romo fabric which was a lovely linen / taupe colour. Romo fabric is such amazing quality, it feels super luxurious and looks lovely. The cushions are the Parisian Hen cushions from West Egg and the bedspread is the Coromandel lightweight quilt by Oka. The curtains are also made from Romo fabric but this is a very lightweight grey linen with the selvedge showing on the edges. The chrome lanterns are from The Home Decor Company

The bedside lamps were such a steal from Homebase - these are the Curved Task Lamps in Bronze. I looked for absolutely ages for these so I was thrilled to get them (when I collected the paint incidentally!). The antique chair is from my parent's kitchen. My mum gave it to me a few years ago and I love it. 

I always keep these little cotton bags you sometimes get from places like Aesop or if you've been away on a trip somewhere. I usually put bits and pieces in like a spare toothbrush, toiletries etc for guests staying over. 

Still to do are add some cool artwork, change the door and find some nice rugs. I don't want to rush these bits though as then I end up getting something I don't absolutely love. Plus, at least now it is a lot more comfortable for our guests. 

Spare Bedoom Makeover // The In-Between Bit

I thought it was about time I gave you an update on how the spare room makeover has been going. It's been a bit of a slowly but surely effort, grabbing a hour here and there to get on top of my to do list. and of course I've completely changed my mind on lots of things since I got back from the US.

Having resolved to not paint the floors white, I ended up choosing to paint them an off white ... *really* daring. Ugh. I just love light coloured floorboards and I looked again at the Interiors || Bedroom board on Pinterest, and it's so obvious that I am drawn to light painted floorboards, why fight it?

We used Farrow & Ball floorpaint in the barn and I was really pleased with the finish so I picked up some samples of All White, Wimborne White, Pointing and James White from Homebase Paint in Biggleswade which was super convenient. I decided on James White as it is a really versatile off-white and has a subtle undertone of which I thought would look good with the Oka bedspread I am planning to use in the spare room.

For the walls I chose Wevet by Farrow & Ball although I did try out samples of Strong White, Ammonite and also White Tie. I thought using the Wevet on the walls and the James White on the flooring was a good combination because by then I had already chosen the fabric for the headboard.

This is the headboard and frame of the existing bed. I wanted to keep the bed as it's super comfortable so recovering it seemed the most sensible solution. Those curtains were a temporary fix, and definitely confirmed in my mind that half mast curtains are really not the solution for this room.

Upholstering the headboard and bedframe was surprisingly straightforward. I used a lovely Romo fabric which is a thickly woven fabric that is a sort of taupe linen shade and worked perfectly with the Parisian Hen cushions I want to use in the room. Underneath the fabric is a layer of thick foam and I used a Stanley staple gun to secure it. I would recommend spending the time ironing the fabric first, even when it comes off the roll it can still have a serious amount of wrinkles. I ended up unpicking what I'd done when I stood back and realised it was creased. Bit of a schoolboy error there. It also helps to have a second pair of hands to pull the fabric nice and tight but I managed to do the bottom sections on my own without any assistance and that all turned out fine.
I hadn't really considered doing this until I kept seeing the different DIY projects people were taking on. Honestly some of them are amazing, take a look at the board here to see what I mean.

I will post the finished photographs shortly in a separate blog post as I have to dash to the post office now. Bye!  
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